29 Bullets for Urunwa at 29 on 29th

29 Bullets for Urunwa at 29 on 29th

By Izunna Okafor

¶ "Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young," says Fred Astaire.

¶ Again, birthday, they say, is a magical moment of celebration and excitement for the age added.

¶ These centuries-long maxims became self-evident in the life of an ardent young man who coincidentally clocked 29, today, 20th day of July, 2021.

¶ Austin Chidiebere Ojiego (popularly known as Urunwa) is plus one today.

¶ Urunwa Austin Ojiego was born at exactly 4:45 am at Chinyere Ifeoma Maternity Home, on 29th July 1992, in Ebenator, Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria, to the family of Mr. and Mrs. B. Ojiego.

¶ He is a product of the prestigious Community Secondary School, Ebenator, from where he furthered to the Federal Poly, Oko, to study Library and Information Science.

¶ Urunwa is a multi-diverse/multi-talented lad —a single trait that distinguishes him from other youths out there. 

¶ This navigates through educational, social, entrepreneurial, political, religious, craft and leadership facets, as he has made indelible marks in each of these fields.

¶ As a quintessential helmsman, he has held many leadership positions, both in the religious, political, educational and literary terrains. 

¶ In his home church, St. Matthew's Catholic Church, Ebenator, he has held leadership positions in various groups, including CBO and CYON for years, both at parish and diocesan levels, including the  President of Catholic Boys Organisation in Amichi Region.

¶ During his study years in the Oko Poly, he ruled as the Igwe Nnewi South, meaning that he was the Traditional Ruler of the entire students from Nnewi South Local Government Area studying in the institution that period. 

¶ He is a member of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) where he has also held and still holds positions at different levels.

¶ In the literary field, as a writer, Urunwa published his first book 'Amaka the Humble Girl and the Speaking Pot' in 2011, during his secondary school era, and published the second one, 'The Fruit of the Wicked' sometime a year after, before advancing to Oko Poly to pursue his higher studies.

¶ Urunwa has actively participated in numerous entrepreneurship, agro, ICT, literary, and human capital development seminars, workshops, trainings and programs, both within and outside the state, and has consequently acquired numerous prestigious certificates in that regard, in addition to his academic qualifications.

¶ History will be kind to Urunwa in Ebenator, his community, as he was the first person (and still the only person as at today) to open a Computer Centre/Institute in the entire community, which he named Austin Urunwa Computers, located at the ever-busy Ama Ezeokafor Junction, and which he still mans today as the MD/CEO. 

¶ This indeed was done in the spirit of 'Aku Ruo Ụlọ'. Aside profit motive, the opening the computer centre was also aimed at saving his people the stress of traveling to other neighbouring communities to for computer-related services.

¶ Chidiebere Austin Urunwa is a philanthropist and a proponent of impactful living who believes that one must not count in millions before he starts helping the needy and the less privileged around him.

¶ It was in this spirit that he recently held a great and memorable event for the students, youths and the pupils of Ebenator community, where, with team of medical expert from Nnewi, he organized a medical talk on the dangers and effects of drug abuse for the youths and secondary school students, and hosted quiz and football competitions for the pupils of all the primary schools in the community. 

¶ Through his initiative called 'Catch Them Young for a Better Tomorrow', Urunwa has paid school fees of many pupils from Central School, Ebenator, and Community Primary School, Ebenator.

¶ Through the initiative, he has also distributed hundreds of exercise books, novels, textbooks, thousands of pens, pencils, erasers,  dozens of stockings, and new school uniforms to pupils, among other items. He equally still hosts intellectual and sports competitions periodically for pupils.

¶ The outcome of these has been echoing in the community and the entire local government till today, as so many lives have been touched, while many pupils have through him, received many prizes, gift items, scholarships and even free computer trainings, both from his hands, other individuals, the community's apex body — Ebenator Development Union (E.D.U), and the number one citizen of the community, Dr. Anthony Okechukwu.

¶ Ladies and gentlemen, aren't all these worth celebrating ?

¶ Urunwa is a recipient of many awards and honours, both from the leadership, religious, educational and literary chambers; but in all these, he remains one the most humble personalities to work with.
Although I don't know why he has not married, despite all the fine babes crushing on him, and despite his nickname 'Vision 2020' which I thought symbolises or represents a marriage year for him. Maybe we settle him down by force, so he will beget his mother grandchildren.

¶ Indeed Urunwa is a youth to count on... a philanthropist, a leader, a counselor, a teacher, a motivator, a goal getter, an icon, and in fact a role model to many...

¶ And on that tone, nature and creatures of the earth today smile  for his fecund, salubrious and impactful existence on earth...

¶ It is on that note I say Happy Birthday to you, Urunwa Austin Chidiebere Ojiego'

¶ May the Lord bless and grant your heart desires, and give you the grace to impact more lives in your new age, as you turned a year older today.

¶ "Today is the oldest you have been, and the youngest you will ever be. Make the most of it," says Nicky Gumbel 

¶ Congratulations to you once again, as you successfully completed another journey round the sun and ascended unto the 29th rung of the ladder. You shall ascend your 30th next year and ascend even higher subsequently. Greater year to you brother. Do happily enjoy your day.

You shall live long...