Flashy Dance Steps, As Anglican Church of Redemption Holds 2021 Birthday Harvest (photos)

Flashy Dance Steps, As Anglican Church of Redemption Holds 2021 Birthday Harvest (photos)

By Izunna Okafor, Awka

It was a joyful moment of thanksgiving, as members of the Anglican Church of Redemption, Awka, Anambra State, heartily danced to the altar with their offerings, to mark this year's Birthday Harvest of the church.

The Birthday Harvest, which is an annual ritual of the church, and which ushers-in the 'harvest season' of the church, saw the congregation come in their groups, according to their respective months of birth, to thank God for gift of life, blessings and His faithfulness as well.

In his sermon at the service, the Vicar of the Church, Ven. Obiorah Alokwu traced the origin of birthday celebration to the Egyptians, from whom the Romans learnt and adopted it with some modifications, after which the Germans also took it up, modified it and also introduced the idea of celebrating it with cake. 

He noted that Christians were not initially joining the rest of the world to celebrate birthday, because it had some paganic influences; untill a synod was held, where it was decided that Christians can now celebrate birthday, but in thanksgiving to God —different from the way the rest of the world was celebrating theirs.

He cited the content of Prov. 3:6 as one of the reasons Christian decided to join the rest of the humanity to celebrate birthday; and therefore reminded the congregation of the need to always show gratitude to God, if not for any other thing, at least for gift of life, which is the most precious gift ever, especially in the face of the present-day reality, where unimaginable deaths, killings and bloodshed are the order of the day.

In their separate remarks, some members of the congregation, Hon. Bob-Manuel Udokwu, who is also a veteran Nollywood actor, described Birthday Harvest as a great opportunity and period to show gratitude to God, for being able to see another birthday in a circle of life; while Mr. John Ifejika described it as a wonderful time to thank God for blessing, sustenance and protection, as many of the people who entered the year with them have died, hence the need to show gratitude to God for gift of life.

On his own part, the Chairman of the Harvest Committee, Mr. Henry Opara thanked every month for actively participating in the harvest, and prayed for God's continued blessings and reward upon them all, even as the result of the outcome of the birthday and the winners are expected to be announced next year.

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Photo credits: The Media Team.