Donation Report for October 2017: We asked for $100 but got $25

Izunna Okafor joined the Igbo Radio in August 2017. He is based in Awka and is covering the whole of Anambra State for us. On average, Izunna writes 25 articles per month in Igbo language, which you can enjoy on this website. We asked for 10 people to donate $10 USD each so that we could give Izunna at least $100 honourarium every month for him to remain excited and continue to write these articles that promote the Igbo language.

We are reporting that we received $25 from one person in October. We really appreciate your support. You know that you are making a difference, preserving our own Igbo language, the language that our ancestors gave to us.

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Izunna Okafor

Izunna Okafor is a multiple award wining creative Young Nigerian Writer, poet, essayist, publicist, journalist and Igbo Language Activist who hails from Ebenator Nnewi South L.G.A of Anambra State Nigeria.

He has written and published many books, including novels, short stories, poems and articles/essays both in soft and hard copies. He writes both in the Igbo and English Languages and has published enormously in the both. He has in the front line of his writing, the vision and mission of promoting the Igbo language and culture, and is one of those who still say NO to the 2012 prediction by the UNESCO that Igbo language will go extinct soonest.

Izunna Okafor who is also a 400 level public Administration student of Unizik has won and been nominated for various writers awards, including the NYSC Essay Competition 2012, National Association of Public Administration Students Essay Competition 2017 (overall winner), Nigerian Writers Award/Indigenous writer of the year 2015/2016, Society of Young Nigerian Writers Award/Pita Nwana prize for Igbo Literature 2015, Nigerian Heritage Icon Award/ Young Writer of The Year 2016, Federal Republic of Nigeria, SLAM Youth Hero International Award/Innovative Youth of the year 2016, AEYC/ Outstanding Youth of the Year 2016, Anambra Exclusive Youth Choice Award/ Youth Writer of The Year 2016 Ark Foundation Quiz Competition 2016, NAPAS/ Award for Academic Excellence 2016; Inspire Award /Intellectual Youth of The Year 2017; NAPAS Academic Icon of the Year 2017, among others. He was also nominated for The Future Award Africa 2016/African Prize For Education, which is the biggest and most prestigious African Youth Award.

He belongs to and is a leader in various writers association, both at state, zonal and National level. Izunna is the Ambassador of Read Across Nigeria in Anambra State, as well as the coordinator of the Society of Young Nigerian Writers Anambra State Chapter.



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