Donation Report for September 2017

TRANSPARENCY REPORT: "We asked for $100 but got $0"

Ndi Igbo, udo diri unu!

Izunna Okafor joined the Igbo Radio in August 2017. He is based in Awka and is covering the whole of Anambra State for us. On average, Izunna writes 25 articles per month in Igbo language, which you can enjoy on this website. We reached out to Ndi Igbo and asked 10 people to donate $10 USD each so that we could give Izunna at least $100 honourarium every month for him to remain excited and continue to write these articles that promote the Igbo language.

We are reporting that we received $0 and gave Izunna nothing at all last month.

But Izunna continues to write because he too knows that it is not about the money. It is about knowing that he is making a difference, trying to preserve his own Igbo language, the language that our ancestors gave to us.

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Igbo, Lee nu udi ndi na-achi Nigeria

Biko, wepute ohere lee ihe onyonyo a ndị Channels Television nka ala Nigeria weputere. Ị ga-ahụ ụdị ndị na-achị ala Nigeria. Ọtụtụ ndị mmadụ ewerego ya ka ihe ọchị.



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